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It all started with Lila, who fulfilled my dream of having a farm sanctuary. I would drive by a local dairy farm every day for three weeks, and see a beautiful Jersey cow out in the pasture, all alone. I finally stopped to talk with the farmer and learned that she was out in the pasture because she was lame. The farmer said he would sell her to me for $100! We had to get our pasture ready for her quickly, which included fencing and shelter. 

Once we got Lila settled into her new home, we had to take care of her injured hoof. Thanks to the help of many, we were able to take her to Oregon State University. She is now able to romp around the pasture with our calf named Cooper who was taken from his mother. Cows are herding animals, and need companionship. We are so happy to be able to give these to beautiful bovines a peaceful and safe home!

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